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Places to Visit near Ganpatipule Konkan

Places to Visit

Ganpatipule Beach

The beach at Ganpatipule is one of most beautiful white sand beaches in the Konkan area. It is at a distance of 56 kilometers from Wagrat and should take around 1 hour 30 minutes to get to Ganpatipule. The beach is in the village of Ganpatipule in Ratnagiri district. The main Ganpatipule temple is right on the beach too.
It is a popular destination in Konkan. There are number of attractions on the beach; horse rides and camel rides are available on the beach. A number of food stalls are also available. The beach is beautifully lined with dense coconut palms and mangroves. For adventure lovers, there is a scope of water sports on this beach. It is a suitable beach for the combination of leisure and activities.

Bankot Fort

This fort is situated in the town of Bankot. It is a 5 hour drive, 216 kilometers from Waghrat. A lot about the history of this fort is still unknown. The fort was said to be in control of Adilshah till the year 1548 when the Portuguese took over the fort. Marathas, under the leadership of Kanhoji Angre defeated the Portuguese in the same year.
Later, the fort was in control of the Marathas and was even renamed briefly as Himmatgad. The fort was then owned by the British after some internal divide in Maratha rule but the British didn’t deem the fort any strategic importance and gave it back to the Peshwas. The fort does not have much historical significance other than been taken over by different Empires because of its location. This fort is built square-shaped with lateritic rocks. There is a Gajanan Temple near its main entrance.

Bhatye Beach

Bhatye is a small village approximately 1 kilometer away from the Ratnagiri City.The beach at Bhatye is almost 1.5 kilometers long. The location of the beach is an hour away from Waghrat, around 30 kilometers. It is a straight and a very flat beach. The Sahyadri The Ratnagiri lighthouse and the famous Mandvi beach, both places are visible from this beach.
There are food stalls of chaat items at the beach. Bhatye beach and Mandvi beach are separated from each other by a creek. This beach has clear blue water, silvery sand on the beach and in general, is clean.

Parshuram Temple

This ancient temple of Parshuram is located at the village Parshuram near the town of Chiplun on the Mumbai-Goa National highway. It is situated at a distance of 110 kilometers which should take 2 hours. The main structure of this magnificent temple is surrounded by beautiful old walls and houses three detailed idols inside.
The temple is about 300 years old and was built by Swami Paramhans Brahmendra. It is believed that the Konkan region was created by Lord Parshuram and this temple is a testament to that belief. There is also a temple of the Goddess Renuka behind this temple.

Marleshwar Temple and Waterfalls

Marleshwar Temple and Waterfalls is located at Marleshwar in Ratnagiri district. The distance to Marleshwar from Waghrat is 72 kilometers so approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. Marleshwar temple is a temple of Lord Shiva and is a cave temple, surrounded by sacred grooves. The foundation of the temple is said to be laid by Lord Parshuram.
It is believed that though many snakes are seen in and around the temple, they never harm the devotees. The waterfall located at Marleshwar is a huge tourist attraction and it is called Dhareshwar. This waterfall originates from the river Bav. It is one of the highest waterfalls. A number of small waterfalls come together to form the Dhareshwar waterfalls. The view of the waterfall from the cave is simple beautiful.

Unhavare Hot water spring

The hot water spring of Unhavare is located at the village of Dapoli in Ratnagiri district. It is situated 4 hours away at a distance of 161 kilometers from Waghrat. This village is famous for its hot water springs and is surrounded by majestic forests on one side and a river on another.
Hot water in these springs is clear and has a slight smell of sulfur to it. There is no charge for bathing in these hot water springs and there are two different sections for men and women. The origin of this spring is said to be sacred so the visit has to be made barefoot.

Tural Hot water springs

This hot water springs is called Rajwadi and is situated at Tural village in Ratnagiri district. It located at a distance of 78 kilometers which takes around 2 hours from Waghrat. It is on the banks of a tributary river to the Shastri river.
The hot spring is next to a temple and is very clean and tidy. There tanks constructed with cement around the hot water springs to keep it secured. The temperature of the water at this spring is around 53 to 55°C.

Ganeshgule Beach

A very nice and secluded beach in Ratnagiri region. Situated about 40kms away from the Ganpatipule beach, this beach is pretty offbeat and in fact a little hard to locate. You can reach the location still with the help of maps, but figuring out the entrance can be a challenge.
The beach is completely non-commercial and is extremely clean. Situated on the outskirts of the city, Ganeshgule beach is a perfect place to spend the leisure time in a calm and quiet ambiance. Ganeshgule beach provides a sure way to rejoice the romantic sunset in a serene atmosphere.The shining emerald water, a vast stretch of silvery sands and the undulating waves gives Ganeshgule a majestic look. The unruffled beach and the never-ending blue sea, a pollution free environment, Ganeshgule beach is definitely a must see spectacle. One among the popular and appealing beaches, Ganeshgule is an ideal spot to relax in solitude.

Ratnadurg Fort

Ratnadurg fort is located 2 kilometers from Ratnagiri and 36 kilometers from Waghrat which takes only 1 hour. This magnificent fort is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on three sides. The structure of the fort has a shape of a horseshoe and is approximately 1300 meters long and 1000 meters wide. Ratnadurg was built during the Bahamani period and later was captured by Adilshah.
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj won the fort by defeating Adilshah is the year 1670. During the war between the forces of Angre and Peshwas, this fort was won by Peshwas by coalition with the British. Then in 1818, The British captured this fort. There is a lighthouse inside the fort on one side and there is a pond, a well and a Bhagawati temple inside the fort as well. There is said to be a cave below the fort. With sea waves hitting the walls of the fort and the location of the fort ensures beautiful views of the sea all around is one of the popular attractions in Ratnagiri district.

Mirkarwada Beach

This beautiful beach is situated at a distance of 34.9 kilometers, around 54 minutes away from Waghrat/Pawas. This is a major trading port in Ratnagiri and also a station for Marine professionals.
Majority of the supply of fish to the major cities of the state is done from this port. Lots of fishing boats and trawlers come to this port and you get a chance to see an auction at the fish market. It is a lovely silver sand beach.

Thibaw Palace

This is one of the main tourist attractions in Ratnagiri. Located at a distance of 34.2 kilometers from Waghrat, it takes just around 50 minutes to get there. The palace was built by the British in 1910 for the exiled Burma King Thibaw and his Queen, to keep them under house arrest. The couple lived in this palace up until the death of the King in 1916.
The palace is a beautiful three-storied structure with a sloping roof. An idol of Buddha is present at the back of the house and is said to be brought here by the King Thibaw himself. There is a museum in the palace where all the artifacts used by the King and the Queen during their exile are kept. A point close to the palace is the Thiba point is also a favorite. You get lovely views of the Bhatye bridge and the Arabian Sea from this vantage point.

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