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Places to Visit near Ganpatipule Konkan

Places to Visit

Prachin Konkan

A life sine Museum setup is by Mr. Sardesai aided by Governments, is a unique approach to show the old culture & customs from konkan area...This setup shows the houses, Costumes, ways of livelihood & lifestyle in ancient konkan


The birthplace of revolutionary poet Shri.KrishnajiKeshavDamle alias KaviKeshvsut Recently a monument has built in his...of pilgrimage to marathi literature lovers

Jaigad Fort

About 18km. from Ganapatipule offers some beautiful sea views & drive to Jaigad is also a great experience with the sea on one side of the road...for most part of the drive. Now in ruins, the bastions of this famous 17th century fort offers spectacular views of the village & light house, Jaigad creeks & the sea


The Karhateshwar is at distance of 3.5km. From Jaigad at the village Nandivade. The Karhateshwar means Lord Shiva it is an ancient temple...temple having a wooden structure with Mangalory type of roofing. Supposed to be constructed during regime of “Shilaharas” spellbound to see astonishing the beauty of this place as it is surrounded by greenery all over & is a very quiet place. Near to temple two pools are there which are filled with the natural stream of water spring throughout the year. It is called “Babata Ganga”

Kolisare Laxmi KeshavMandir

Kolisare with a population of 800 is a village located only from kms. From a known for its natural beauty “Shastri” river flows from this place...Prime attraction for the tourists is the mountains with dense greenery. Kolisare is known as a hill station with relatively low temperature In addition one temple of Lord Ratneshwar (form of Lord Shiva) is also there in the same premises. A continuous spring of water is the prime attraction of the visitors. Kolisare is not only famous for its natural beauty but also famous from spiritual point of view. A temple of Lord Laxmi-Keshav is situated at Kolisare& is a Kuldaivat (for many Maharashtrain families). The temple is at a height 2000 feet height from the sea level. Before 1200 years “Rashtrkul” family was ruling over Marathwada region of Maharashtra. All family members were devotees of Lord Vishnu & they had constricted many beautiful temples. Due to attacks of Mughals, many deities were immersed into the water for protection. Such one deity is immersed into the “Rankal Lake” near Kolhapur. The same deity is installed at Laxmi-Keshav Temple Kolisare. The ceremony was took place in the year 1510. The deity is the example of rich ancient Indian sculpture. The height of the deity is around 5 feet with all the ornaments & weapons

Aare-ware twin Beach

From Ganapatipule there is a shorter route to Ratnagiri (22km) via Bhandarpule. This is an amazing route with the vast expanse of the sea...sea on onside of the road. The twin beaches of Aare & Ware are on this stretch of road. Ware is first beach that you would come across while traveling from Ganapatipule& Are is at a distance of a kilometer from here. Both these beaches are very secluded with white sand & the views from certain points up the hill here with sea on three sides of the point is simply breathe taking

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