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30% OFF for Weekdays and 20% OFF for Weekends
Kaular Resort in Ganpatipule | Hotel Amenities Facility

Features & Facilities

Facilities of Kaular Eco Hamlet


⚈ Farm
⚈ Walk Way
⚈ Biodiversity
⚈ Water Body


⚈The farm pets are wild in variety and there is a risk of ensuing fight for the territory. So we prefer not to allow it.


⚈ Paragliding
⚈ Visit to Bedse Caves
⚈ Hot Air Balloon Safari
⚈ Visit to Bedse Caves
⚈ Visit to Karla Caves
⚈ Visit to Bhaja Caves
⚈ Visit to Kamshet Railway Station
⚈ Visit to Bhairi Caves
⚈ Visit to Dhak Fort

Food & Drink

⚈ Non-veg: Egg curry, Vegetable, Usal/Daal/Kadhi/Saar, Fresh Salad / Indian Salad, Chapatis, Rice and Sweet dish.
Veg: Dry Vegetable, Vegetable with curry, Usal/Daal/Kadhi/Saar, Fresh Salad /Indian Salad, Chapatis, Rice and Sweet dish.
For More details please visit tariff page...


⚈ No internet access available.


⚈ Free! Free private parking is possible on site.


⚈ Daily maid service


⚈ Family rooms

Smoking policy

⚈ Smoking outside the house.

Homestay features

The house is built on sustainable principals. The Energy and Resource Efficiency of the house is shaped into its design, building materials and construction methods.

Use of free energy sources such as sun, wind, water, and vegetation, to keep the house cool in summers and warm in winters.

Shape of the house is designed to dart the heat, hot air escapes to create negative air pressure so to guide the cool air inside through its air inlets, ensuing constant air change. The direction and the sizes of windows & doors, to carry required fresh and cool breeze and hollow walls acts as insulator. Water body and thick vegetation, keep the environment cool thereby maintaining the comfortable temperature all the years round. The glass inlets, direct the sunrays indoors, keeping it bright in the day time. Ferrocrete and cavity walls insures the minimal use of steel, bricks, and cement.

This Green Building concept and process, helps us to reduce the use of non renewable materials, minimize the use of non biodegradable and high energy embodied objects, conserve the precious, scarce fossil fuel, which is the natural resource of our planet, reduces the carbon emission, thereby saving the ecosystem for our wellbeing. At the same time, saves us money.
The aesthetic of the architecture draws people to Eco-Hamlet.

Room features

Overlooking the stream. Double bed, cupboard, Fan, TV with HD cable network.

Overlooking garden and stream. large verandas either side. Sofas and chairs, large day bed, Fan, big screen TV with USB ports, HD cable network, DVD player. Space to arrange foldable beds at night to accommodate more people.

Dining table with chairs, Fan. Kitchenette with kitchen platform, fan, Gas cooking range and utensils, RO water purifier, refrigerator, insect killer lamps. A veranda and a courtyard.

Large. Bath tub, shower, basin with platform, WC, washing machine and an open to sky courtyard with a tree.